Aljac Fuelling Components

ELAFLEX ITALIA S.R.L. is the official distributor for Aljac products. They provide specialised equipment and services to the fluid and bulk solids handling and transport industries with particular emphasis on aviation fuel storage, distribution and dispensing equipment.

Aljac Fuelling Components Limited was formed in 2001 from a merger of Aljac Engineering Ltd. (founded in 1971) and Fuelling Components Ltd. (founded in 1988).  The company is based at Shepperton, UK.

They supply a wide range of complementary equipment, for example, static bonding and earthing equipment, ‘deadman’ control switches and cables, closed sampling systems for refuelling vehicles and tank farms, sandwich pattern non return valves, towable refuelling vehicles, and towable master meters.

In addition, Aljac holds large stocks of the most complete range of fuel quality control equipment and consumables, including water detector capsules and paste, lead seals/sealing wire, Stainless Steel buckets, glass sampling jars, hydrometers and thermometers, fuel conductivity meters and many other items associated with the day to day task of testing and checking fuel quality.

They also represent different product lines:

Avery-Hardoll/Liquid Controls positive displacement bulk flow meters, electronic metering systems, control valves, de-aerator vessels and a wide range of other ancillary items.

Gammon Technical Products who specialise in aviation fuel handling equipment and consumables, including filter differential pressure gauges, contamination test kits, tank floating suction assemblies, sampling valves, and a wide range of other ancillary items.

Hammonds additive injection equipment which can be supplied on a stand-alone basis or as part of bespoke custom manufactured fixed or mobile additive injection systems. This equipment has a wide range of capabilities in both the aviation and industrial markets, including the injection of anti-icing additive, corrosion inhibitor, +100, biocides, ground fuel performance enhancers and marker dyes.

Conbraco Apollo ball valves fitted with spring return ‘deadman’ levers.

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