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  • Foundation of company Albert Hiby (bronze foundry) in Plettenberg.

  • Enlargement / reconstruction of Albert Hiby manufacturing premises in Plettenberg.

  • Foundation of company Karl M.C. Ehlers by Karl Max Cäsar Ehlers in Hamburg –
    technical distributor to the Navy and shipyards.

  • Typical traded products of Karl M.C. Ehlers in the 1920s:
    rubber aprons, acid-resistant suits, rubber gloves and boots, industrial hoses and transmission belts.

    Typical products of company Hiby: gate valves and taps/valves for mining industry, fire estinguisher fittings like the adjustable estinguisher nozzle 'Primus'.

  • Elaflex joins the Federation of Technical Wholesalers VTH.

  • 'Contiflex' dispensing hose: electrically conductive, smooth Nitrile rubber as suggested by Ehlers; cotton cord reinforcements, interwoven copper strand, hose cover also available in colered versions. The first european dispensing hose with this construction and without metal lining. Flexible, good flow rate. Long lifetime as cars may run over the hose without destroying it – in these years that was the main reason for hose substitution.

    For the new hose type, traditional hose fittings are not optimally suitable any more, this leads to new constructions.

  • Hiby: production of locomotive fittings.

  • Destruction of offices and stocks of company Karl M.C. Ehlers in Hamburg due to bomb raids.

  • Resumtion of activity by Karl M.C. Ehlers as technical wholesaler

    Hiby: resumption of production, manufacturing fittings for locomotives and waggons.

  • Change of business – First own developments of refuelling equipment for fluid hazardous cargo such as petrol and benzene.

  • The Hamburg office moves to a new address in Dornbusch 6: retail shop, stock, administration.

    Shortages in post-war economy lead to creative business ideas based on recycled materials, eg unused artillery cartridges are transformed to to insecticide spraying equipment to combat phyloxera in wine regions.

    Start of the contribution of Karlheinz Ehlers (son of Karl M.C. Ehlers) as commercial/technical employee.

  • Begin of Elaflex refuelling equipment buisiness: Aircraft refuelling hose assemblies for the 'Berlin Airlift'.
    The Royal Air Force required newly developed hose systems, on short-term notice. This was the beginning of our partnership with Continental, to mutually develop safe and well-performing refuelling hoses for petrol stations, road and rail tankers, tank ships and bunkering boats and aircrafts.

    Some details about the Berlin Airlift hose assembly: the previous size DN 32 had to be increased to DN 50, for a faster refuelling of the 'Rosinenbomber' aircraft. This made new hose couplings necessary – brass hose tails with chainsaw profile, and crimped brass ferrules. Traditional hose tail attachment with steel ferrules was dismissed due to danger of sparks, and the (then) common wire attachment was not suitable due to the steel helix embedded in the new DN 50 hose.

    Hiby: death of Albert Hiby in November 1948, son Hans Hiby takes over the company.

  • The company Karl M.C. Ehlers transforms to be a system provider/expert for hose assemblies. Own development, own know how. Hose and couplings are put together to well-balanced units, the philosophy is that self-assembly by the user (e.g. for repairs) should always be possible. The goal is production ond product range within a modular system, meaning that per DN size there should be only one hose clamp system – independent of the hose type (thick or thin, with or without helix. The new system to be developed must also avoid assembly errors and should lead to less stockkeeping.

    The production of large scale components is not done in-house any more but on exclusive basis for our company, by external suppliers. Ideas, construction, stockkeeping, assembling and logistics get core competence of our companies success.

    Hiby: production start of components for the transfer of petroleum products.

  • Hiby: Patent for easy operation petroleum valves.

  • Foundation of 'Gummi Ehlers GmbH' as sister company of Karl M.C. Ehlers:
    specialisation in the development and sales of rubber hoses for flammable fluids.

    Building up a new distribution system – OEM, reseller and repair & maintenance companies now have own intermediary stocks with products of Karl M.C. Ehlers.

    'Titania' crimped cone threaded fitting for electrically conductive rubber dispensing hoses. This is the predecessor of the ferrule coupling of today.

    Hiby: manual nozzle "Universal" for vehicle refuelling, licensed production for an important dispenser manufacturer. The product is manufactured in large amounts.

  • Start of the distribution of Elastic Bellows EMD for the installation in pipe systems – predecessor of our ERV Rubber Expansion Joints.

    The companies move to a new Hamburg office in Rothenbaumchaussee 140. Due to lack of space, soon many external storage rooms and workshops must be added.

  • Foundation of 'Elaflex GmbH' by Karlheinz Ehlers. First, the company is specialising into the distribution of special couplings for the petrochemical industries, later the scope is enlarged to Rubber Expansion Joints and nozzles.

    The changes are reflected in the modification of the company logo. Previously there was an anchor showing the close connection with the maritime sector, the new brand shows a refuelling hose assembly, stylised as large "E".

    Hiby: manual nozzles ZV-20 (wet hose) and ZL-20 (dry hose).

    Road tanker hoses, start with a new construction and a new brand: 'Yellow Band' TW hoses. As all Elaflex hoses in standard sizes with BRAIDED reinforcements. This is complex to manufacturer, but the resulting hose is lightweight, more flexible and resistant to higher pressure as conventional hoses with wrapped cord plies.

    The oil industry demands an automatic petrol station nozzle. This is the beginning of co-developments with Hiby.

    Elaflex is granted general distribution right for Hiby nozzles – during the first years with the exception of large OEM.

  • Combined cotton-copper strand to reach a safe and permanent electrical resistance of hoses -
    co-patented from Elaflex and Continental.

    'Titan 100' dispensing hose supersedes the old Titan type in sizes DN 20 and 25.

    The companies Karl M.C. Ehlers (father) and Elaflex GmbH (son) work closer together and slowly prepare a fusion.

    Lightweight drum dispensing hose FP for motor bike refuelling, oil filleng etc. - various types.

    Hiby: manufacturing start of the automatic nozzle 'Unimatic'.

  • Common new development with Hiby: manual nozzle DN 30 for flowrates up to 150 lit/min.

    'Blue Band' solvent hoses LM - based on HD and TW hoses. With the new combined cotton-copper strand, blue NBR special rubber linging, cover Neoprene grey (changed to black some years later).

    Elaflex supplies fist 'TW' couplings to the new 'Norm-Schnellschlußkupplung' standards of the Mineralölwirtschaftsverband (Association of German Oil Companies).

    General Utility Nozzles ZL in easy operation construction, with a packing gland that can be re-tightened.

    Hiby: construction of two new production halls, annex to office buildings. Apart of petrol station nozzles, nozzles and taps for beverages are manufactured (own patents), furthermore angle check valves and hose couplings.

  • 'NORM-AL' hose coupling system: TW 500 (DN 65/75) and TW 1500 (DN 40/50) with hose tails – one or two parts. Material initially hot stamped aluminium. With 'Double-V-Seal" of combined hard/soft Vulkollan (Polyurethane).

    Hoses can now be fitted with five different mounting systems: clamping rings, ferrules, band clamps and (new:) 'NORM-AL' clamps – the one-part predecessor of Spannfix, still without hinge.

    Stand pipes to TW standard as hose protecting connection between road tanker hose and dome filler inlet of the underground storage tank of petrol stations.

    TW Standard flanges TWF of aluminium and brass – with threaded nipple, or sight glass. An alternative to the classic welding flange.

    First versions of rail tanker couplings KWK and rail tanker adapters KWZ.

    Plastic sight glasses SG, threaded dust caps BK, dust plugs BS, reducing nipples RN, welding nipples AN, dip tube fittings.

    Firs pricelist for "Yellow Band" TW hoses and HD hoses. Maximum length 31 metres – 40 mtr. is still a special version.

    Manual wet hose nozzle ZV Universal ZVU (ZV 20) in licensed production size – DN 20, flow rate up to 80 l/min.; the first time with our (nowadays renown) closure principle against the flow ... but insted of a poppet still with a valve plate.

  • PHD as alternative to our TW hoses, for road tankers. Later, this type remains only to be used for special aircraft refuelling applications.

    An improved band clamp for simple applications SK hevy duty clamps for strong, uniform hose tail assembly, avoiding deformation of destruction of the rubber hose.

    The TW coupling programme is supplemented by TW-Norm connection clampsn TWV and adapters TWÜ.

    A range of reinforced, conical special couplings for hot bitumen is introduced - available connections TWN (TW-Norm) couplings, 51/2" rail tanker couplings, Witworth, flanges.

    ZV 20 is now available with guards adopted for dispensers of various brands.

    Hiby: after a series of modifications, the Unimatic Nozzle serial production is gaining importance, also being exported.

  • 'White Band' hoses for foodstuffs. Initially they have the type names HD-W (without helix) TW-W (with helix).

    Manual wet hose nozzle ZV 35 (100-250 l/min) with 2" male fixed hose inlet, optional with spout or MK coupling. Also as dry hose version ZV 354 without check valve.

  • Finally a proper company building in Gotenstraße 20, Hammerbrook/Hamburg. 2700 square metres, four levels. Gummi Ehlers takes 2000 m2 in the building, Elaflex 700 m2. The workflow improvement is phenomenal. Offices, production, stock and dispatch with modern ramps.

    Start of ZVA nozzle development Elaflex/Hiby.

    Grey Band ZD silo / cement hose, Yellow Band bunker hosess SB DN 150 mm, flat lay hose F 150 (predecessor of FHD), corrugated bellows hose Type ZH – up to DN 100.

    Hiby: large reconstruction of the foundry – gas-fired "Tiel Kipp" ovens – together with the automated fabrication of the sand cores 'state of the art' technology. In the following year also the sand recycling system is modernised.

  • Female swiveling threaded hose couplings for Titan 100 dispensing hoses provide better protection against hose damage due to torsion.

    Manual wet hose nozzle ZV 50 with 2" male fixed hose inlet, optional with spout of MK coupling. Dry hose options without check valve also available.

  • Serial production of the automatic nozzle ZVA 20. Size DN 20. Glued-in, one piece stamped short length spout - suitable for the small dispenser nozzle boots which were still common in Germany. The spout already showed the characteristic notches. Fixed hose inlet male or female, three guard type options for all dispenser types, the grey scuffguard was still an option. Good minimum cut-off properties, proven lever sealing system. To-the-penny dispensing now was possible due to closure of the valve poppet against the flow. 2 speed lever latch for one hand operation, low pressure drop, robust, shockless closure. This was a revolutionary product.

    'Brown Band' hoses HB for hot bitumen in 3" and 4". Due to less inner friction and improved flexibility, this new type superseedes previously common metal hoses - handling of those types often was only possible by two persons.

  • TW couplings with special seals, for hot bitumen hoses are offered to the previous special conical couplings. In the following years these are preferred as they proove to be much safer in operation as the old Perrot/Kardan system.

    Our standard L.P. Gas hose is improved gets the type name 'Orange Band'. Burst tests confirm: more than the requested "factor 5", for maximum safety.

    Manual nozzlel ZV 25, size DN 25.

  • ELAPAC grey: new type flange sealing material, made of Perbunan-NBR and cork dust, initially also asbest fibres. Elapac superseedes the previous type FD 85 ab. It is available as punched seal, sheet or coil. Approved by the German military and German Rail DB.

    After years of effort, oil companies are being convinced to introduce standardised measurements for road tanker hoses and threaded fittings. There was a colourful mix leading to many practical compatibility problems R-threads (similar to BSP), WW- (Witworth), Rd- (Round) and special theads, e.g. 88x1/8. This is the beginning of Elaflex' participation in the creation of standards.

    Elastic Rubber Expansion Joints Type 'ERV' – a common development with Continental Hannover. Initially, ERV Yellow Band are offered in DN 80 / 100 – a short time later, DN 50 and 150 are added. The unified construction lengths, swiveling flanges with push-through holes for bolts, the flat shape of the ballows and other advantages make ERV the technical pioneer in the following years.

    ZVA 19: the export version of the automatic nozzle ZVA 20. With interchangeable long spout, new guard types, strainer, safety-cut-out ball valve and sealed diaphragm cap against non-authorised interventin. The beginning of the international success of Elaflex / Hiby forecourt products.

    ZVA 20 in 'Münz-Tank' execution - the first nozzle suitable for self service! The hold-open latch can be deactivated for unattended service station hours by pulling a large pin.

    First hoses with polyamide lining - as it was corrugated it soon becomes the nickname 'Geese Throat" hose. Suitable for aggressive solvents. Official type name LM-N.

  • The Elaflex distributor system is built up – regionally renowned, well-performing technical wholesalers in Germany and abroad, who keep a stock and are capable of a professional hose assembly from the reel.

    Automatic nozzle ZVA 30, flow rate 80-200 l/min.

  • Lockable VK fill pipe couplings for the TW system – an opening in the cam segment serves to use standard padlocks. Good solution often are quite simple.

    Type approval for ZVA 20 as first nozzle with automatic shut-off in Germany.

    TRbF approval for Yellow Band Rubber Expansion Joints, Type ERV-G.

  • Introduction of flat bunkering hoses / marine hoses FHD for millitary and civil applications on / for ships.

    'Steamflex' saturated steam hose type SD.

    TW couplings of the TWK 100 series (VK 100, MK 100, MB 100 Al, VB 100 Nylon) supplement the programme of road tanker couplings.

    VK and MK couplings of hot stamped brass displaced aluminium, due to high resistance against wear and better gliding during the coupling action. Caps and plugs of light materials (alu, nylon) remain to be the right choice, on the other hand.

    The company Karl M.C. Ehlers GmbH is integrated into the Gummi Ehlers GmbH.

  • EL 800 Earthing Straps for the dissipation of electrostatic charges on road tankers and other vehicles, e.g. forklifts.

    Manual simple construction nozzle ZV 18 of plastic, for small self dispensers, up to 60 l/min.

    New version of manual wet hose nozzle ZV 35.

  • First version of the automatic nozzle ZVA 32 for large truck, bus and tank refuelling. Superseedes the ZVA 30.

    Manual wet hose nozzle ZV 45 for road tankers, max. 600 l/min, with spout or MK coupling. Various spout and coupling options as accessories available.
    Version -K with built-in flow limiter 100 l/min. which can be activated
    Version -AS with ELAFLEX 'Elektrobox' overfilling protection.

    Swivels DS 2" for ZV 50.

  • 'Lilarc Band' Acid and Lye hose. Initially the type is called SLW (Säure- und Laugenschlauch mit Wendel).

    Hypalon hoses are offered, but initially only as Type HSF (Hypalon Schwefelsäure Flansch) with vulcanised/built-in flanged hose tail.

    Start of authorized nozzle repair workshops in various countries.

    Optional grey Comfigrip for ZVA 19/ZVA 20.

  • Begin of our 'Modular System' philosophy also for nozzles – providing a more efficient stockkeeping and simplyfied repair.

    ERV Red Band – a new high quality Rubber Expansion Joint for water and various other media.

    The Elaflex catalogue grows to 53 pages.

    PTFE linings for expansion joints, ERV-TA.

    HD-C, VHD-C and PHD-C (later: PHD-F) aircraft refuelling hoses to the new British Standard 3158:1969. With defined, safe electrical conductivity in a range of 1.000 and 1 Mio Ohm. It takes some time to convince customers like oil companies to skip the common "-B" = fully conductive versions and specify the C-types. A defined conductivity range is clearly safer to use.

  • The first chemical resistance chart 'N 60' is published. It informs about the suitablility of Elaflex hoses in relation to 400 different media.

    A clear trend for wet hose type refuelling equipment can be seen, in comparison to dry hose systems where the hose is emptied after use. Several new refuelling equipment developments are initialised.

    Begin of ZVA Slimline serial production – the new type superseedes ZVA 19 / ZVA 20 in the following years. The nozzle is easier to use, slim and lightweight, reliable and robust and shows clearly improved automatic cut-off properties as well as less pressure drop.

    ZVA 25 for LKW and bus refuelling. The silhouette is similar to ZVA Slimline, functioning and many spare parts identical to ZVA Slimline.

    Coloured, smooth surface dispensing hoses 'Contitan Color' C 15 (5/8"), and coloured ZVA scuffguards bring colour to the forecourt. For the first time, a good adoption to the company brand colour of oil companies is possible.

    PTB approval of Conti Titan dispensing hoses - among other, a safe dissipation of electrostatic charges is being attested.

  • Construction of additional stock: larger ramps and pallet-adopted stockkeeping provide higher effiiency on our premises.

    LTW 100: the famous lightweight road tanker hose with corrugated cover now is available in 4" – as long awaited supplement to MK 100 / VK100 'TW' couplings. Maximum flowrate for the petrol station supply logistic.

    'Green Band' acid hoses HYW with Hypalon lining – suitable e.g. for concentrated sulfuric acid.

    ERV - 'White Band' Rubber Expansion Joints supplement the known types Yellow, Red and Green Band. All types are now available until size DN 300.

    ERV steel flanges are equipped with a leading nose (later called: stabilising neck), which improves lifetime of the bellows, especially if it is subject to high dynamic strain.

    Vacuum support rings for ERV now also available of PTFE.

    Self-service at the forecourt is gaining ground. The optimal, highly flexible dispensing hose: the new 'Conti ELAFLEX Slimline' (smooth cover, lead cured production, DN 15/16).

    50 year jubilee of the family business.

  • Gummi Ehlers GmbH and Elaflex GmbH merge to ELAFLEX – Gummi Ehlers GmbH. The combined company concentrates on petrol station equipment, hoses and fittings, and expansion joints. The range of standard traded wholesale goods like aprons, gloves and boots is stopped.

    PTB approval for ZVA Slimline. Meanwhile this nozzle is the most used nozzle type in Western Europe.

    Development of TW coupler levers with spring – improved lever arresting and coupling lock for TW female couplers.
    All MK couplers are conform to the current DIN 28450 standard - and at the same time, they are better than the standard, due to their improved coupling lock.

    The defined conductivity range (between 1.000 und 1 Mio Ohm) for refuelling hose is patented.

    Coloured Anti-Kinking Sleeves KT 15 of soft PVC for dispensing hoses are being introduced – optionally with brand or advertisement imprint.

    ZVA-Mix connectors for twin hoses (Octane/Oil mix).

  • HD Yellow Band hoses now in reel lenght up to 80 m ex stock.

    The use of hold-open latches on forecourt nozzles is admitted in Germany. The functioning automatic cut-off and the safety cut-out ball valve guarantee sufficient safety for self-service with latching. Car tanks can get filled up fully now – during the refilling process oil is checked and the windows are cleaned.

    Reduced ZVA unleaded spout 'BF', OD 21 mm, to avoid mix-up with leaded fuels. Initially only available as long spout version for export.

    'SPANNFIX': two part safety clamps, connected by a hinge. The system superseedes the old one-piece version. Made of hot stamped aluminium and a stainless steel pin. The system is easy to assemble, highly pressure-resistant (PN 25) and reusable. Confronted to standard clamps it is lighter and more compact.

    'Klemmfix' Nylon double connectors, for the still famous twin hoses superseed the previous Mix type of Neoprene.

    ZVU (DN 19) and ZV 25 (DN 25) nozzles, ZVA Slimline and ZVA 25 in special version for solvents and chemicals.

  • Spannfix hose connectors with double shank TSV for the compact connection of hose assemblies - suitable for hose reels.

    Spannfix in size 75. All standard sizes 32-75 are now available.

    ERV 'Rotstahl' Rubber Expansion Joints for heating systems up to permanent temperatures of 110°C are introduced. The predicessor of the ROTEX compensator.

    Improved ELAPAC quality with high resistance against aromatics and solvents.

    Coloured KT 16 (old: KT 15) anti-kinking-sleeves, optionally with advertisement imprint.

    Hiby: the company is now led by Thomas Hiby, family tradition in third generation.

  • The compact manual wet hose nozzle ZV 40 superseedes ZV 35 and ZV 50. Flow rate up to 600 l/min, suitable for reel hoses DN 32-40, with spout or MK coupling. Special types for solvents or as dry hose delivery. Pressure peaks are optimally dampened, low pressure drop, lightweight and economical.

    The manual nozzle ZV 19 superseedes ZVU (Universal). Flow rate up to 100 l/min. It is more robust, lightweight and the flow can be dosed very easy.

    EK 145 'Product Badges' for ZVA nozzles. They serve to show the selected fuel type and therefore avoid misfuellings.

    Hiby: the assembling premises and turning department is enlarged. A QS quality check system is introduced.

  • Approval by TÜV Rheinland for Rubber Expansion Joints ERV Rotstahl.

    New hose types enlarge our product range – e.g. alcohol, foodstuffs and silo hoses.

    After official burst tests, ELAFLEX aircraft refuelling hoses are specified by several international oil companies.

  • Oil tank lock OS 50-E as VK 50 anti-theft-protection device.

    Manual nozzle ZV 25 'new'.
    Manual nozzle ZVF 40 for aircraft refuelling.
    Manual nozzle ZV 500 superseedes ZV 50.
    Manual nozzle ZV 400 superseedes ZV 40.

    The new series ZV 350, ZV 400, ZV 500 gaines acceptance as standard heating oil nozzles for road tankers. The low pressure drop, soft closure due to dampening mechanics and a new version of DS 2" with ball bearing are convincing.

    Detail improvents for ZVA Slimline: scuffguards in new shape with guiding ribs to divert diesel fuel rests, spout tips with protecting ribs and a new sensing port, swivels with patented pressurised flushing (self lubricating, avoiding pollution, decreasing metal wear).

  • WPX hose compenstors for heat pumps.

    The automatic nozzle ZVA 32 in new version: more compact and easier to handle, larger usable spout length, slightly bent spout for refuelling environments with limited space, lower pressure drop, minimum cut off at 10 l/min, many spare parts now interchangeable with ZVA Slimline and ZVA 25, TRbF approval.

    Universal hose UTW with smooth lining of Polyethylene PE-X, for a large range of industrially used media up to max 60° C. The previous type WR 25 is not longer produced.

    All threaded hose couplings DN 25 now also with Spannfix clamps, MX 25/VX 25.

    Red Band saturated steam hoses now available in reels up to 40 metres - previously max 20 metres.

    Brass TW couplings MKX/MKC 100 - one part versions if the customer wants to save weight.

    The ERV programme of Rubber expansion joints is enlarged, now ranging from DN 25 to DN 600.

  • Lockable fill pipe coupling with TW connection TS 80.

    Rubber Expansion Joints ERV-G now also suitable for the new lead reduced fuels with increased aromatic content.

    ERV steel flanges receive an improved corrosion protection by acombination of zinc plating and yellow chromating.

    Vakuum support spirals VSD for ERV permit a higher vacuum resistance.
    ERV for L.P. Gas (from 1990 called ERV Orange Band).

  • Further improved ELAPAC blue quality: free of asbestos, conform to DIN 28463, no leaching, shrinking, media discoloration, hardening or sticking to the flange.

    ZVA Slimline, the standard and HiFlo type (H-Type) are unified. Standard version up to 80 l/min. flow rate.

  • The company moves to their new premises in Schnackenburgallee 121 in Hamburg-Eidelstedt. Lot size 14.000 m2, 4.000 m2 for assembling and dispatch, pallet shelving system with stacking up to 5 mtr height, 2500 m2 circulaton area. Large stock capacity, fast workflow, improved assembling conditions, new testing and quality control facilities.

    Introduction of unleaded fuels - necessary aromatic and methanol additives cause swelling and leaching of many rubber and plastic materials as well as increased permeation. New challenges for refuelling equipment, which now must be matched by new material compounds for many components in our product range.

    ERV CR of chloroprene as economical Rubber Expansion Joint for water is introduced.
    ERV R (Red Band) is approved to KTW regulations for drinking water.
    ERV flame protection covers FSH are now asbestos-free.

    Crimped cone threaded fittings for dispensing hoses are superseeded by threaded M and V Ferrule Fittings.

    The company founder Karl M.C. Ehlers dies at the age of 88 years. Karlheinz Ehlers becomes the sole owner.

  • One-piece TW hose couplings of stainless steel: we are starting to build up the programme.

    Standard stainless steel hose couplings – e.g. with threaded connections – now ex stock. Fast delivery times for most ELAFLEX standard products becomes to be a decisive edge over competitors.

    "E 84": the first version of our "E" Spare Parts Pricelist, containing many important information related to nozzle maintenance and repair.

  • Due to the introduction of unleaded fuels since beginning of the 80s, the product range does not only change technically – but also colours get more important to distinguish products. Green stands for unleaded in the refuelling sector.

    Approval to stringent AQAP 2130 quality assurance concept for hose, hose assembly and rubber expansion supplies to NATO-forces.

    Hose couplings of Polypropylene.

    First E-CTFE coated stainless steel hose couplings (couplers, threaded and flanged couplings where the surface in contact with the medium is coated with E-CTFE).

    ZVA-VA, automatic nozzle of stainless steel for chemical applications, ZVA-GBZ for cognac and other drinking alcohol special applications, of cast bronze.

    ELAFLON universal hose. "Nearly universal chemical resistance and always clean media". Initially available as type UHD-F / UTW-F; (F=Fluorine) with white-green-white marking bands.

    Aircraft refuelling with JET fuel: spouts receive a JET-A1 adapter (enlargement piece) and marking at spout tip to avoid misfuelling (mixing up with Avgas).

    Acquisition of the company Dessoy Flexible Tubing, Antwerp/Belgium. Distributor of hoses and fittings technology with own production.. In 1992 the company is renamed ELAFLEX NV.

    The export ratio of ELAFLEX Hamburg exceeds 50%.

  • New company logo.

    The ELAFLEX catalogue system with continuously updated single pages starts.

    Foundation of the daughter company ELAFLEX Italia Srl, in Brescia/Italy.

    EA 720.3 – Swivel for ZVG with ball bearing.

    Hiby: the foundry is modernised (sand regeneration/recycling, sand core production, model and tool making, state of the art foundry methods).

  • External Drip Catcher for ZVA Slimline nozzles – helping to keep the diesel dispenser area cleaner.

    Foundation of ELAFLEX Ltd in Great Britain, transfer of the sales business 'petrol station equipment' of Permex Ltd to the new company.

    Foundation of L. G. Equipment Ltd. in Australia by John Treloar.

    ERP 'Red Dot' Rubber Expansion Joints – highly flexible, for sanitary installations.

    Spare Parts Price List E 87 for nozzles: all parts now with drawings to avoid incorrect ordering.

  • Elbow Swivel Break ESB 16, the first reusable (reattachable) Safety Break for drive-away incidents at the forecourct – with integrated two-plane swivel.

    New VCI Industry Standard for chemical hoses: ELAFLEX has contributed in the development of the standard. Among other, the new system suggests to mark chemical hoses with different colour markings depending on the hose lining. This provides more safety and clarity. The colour system is adopted for the distinctive ELAFLEX Band markings of our hoses.

  • Introduction of active vapour recovery at petrol stations – initially only at test sites in Germany and Switzerland.

    ZVA-GR: nozzles for gasoline with "active" vapour recovery. In the beginning we offer a modified ZVA Slimline externally attached vapour recovery channel. Harmful vapours containing hydrocarbons are pumped back from the nozzle spout area via nozzle, hose and vapour pump, back into the underground storage tank.

    COAX hose assembly for the European active vapour recovery system – with highly kinking resistant inner vapour hose.

    The GRV 1 vapour regulation valve, externally mounted to the dispenser, and the Coax adaptor (splitter valve) ZAF 1 supplement the vapour recovery product range.

    ELAFLON hoses now available ex stock, in all standard sizes.

    Spannloc safety hose clamps now available also of stainless steel.

    Harmonisation of the tanker hose sizes DN 63 and 65 mm – the internationally most used dimension 63 (21/2") is standardised.

    New version of the forecourt sight glass SG 1" cr of chrome plated, hot stamped brass. It can be mounted either to the dispenser or the nozzle and is conciderably more economical than previous versions.

    Step by step, our refuelling hoses are fitted with the permanent and well readable continuous embossed marking. Apart standard related information, type name, siza and Conti/ELAFLEX as manufacturer, all hoses additionally the procuction date, many types also a batch number – as it is common praxis with our nozzles. The longevity of our products now is more transparent to our customers.

  • ERV Rubber Expansion Joints:
    - now up to size DN 800 – Yellow and Red Band from stock.
    - Red Band approved by DVGW for drinking water.
    - the German Navy specifies ELAFLEX ERV.
    - stainless steel flanges for expansion joints ex stock.
    - vacuum support rings VSR for large bore compensators from DN 250 available.

    "Stage II" vapour recovery is prescribed by law in Sweden, as first European country. ZVA GR with their active vapour recovery are preferred against the previously used vapour balance systems.

    According to German law (20. BImSchV), for the fuell delivery between refinery, road tanker and petrol station storage tanke vapour recovery Stage 1b is prescribed. For this application we supply the GPL 50 vapour recovery (balance) hose in DN 50 mm.

    SPANNLOC VA safety hose clamps of stainless steel are now available in 10 sizes.

  • Serial production start of ZVA 200 GRV with integrated vapour recovery channel and integrated vapour regulating valve.

    Accessories for vapour recovery to check the functioning or the vapour recovery system: dry test connector TMA 1, wet test connector CMA 1.

    First European type approval for ZVA GR.

    New anti-kinking system KST for all dispensing hoses (KS anti-kinking sleeve of polyurethane and colour sleeve of soft PVC).

    NR (non reusable/non reattacheable) ferrule type fittings 25-NR, M 25-NR.

    COAX hoses in highly flexible MPD version for "Multi-Product Dispensers" with hose retrieval system.
    Step by step, the inner vapour hose of all COAX hose assemblies is supplied with the new GRS 8 PU of polyurethane.

    COAX hoses abailable in LT version (Low Temperature) for especially cold regions.

    Elaflon E-CTFE coated TW couplings of stainless steel couplings now available ex stock.

    TW couplings of stainless steel now also in 4".

    The new ROTEX Rubber Expansion Joint, successor of ERV Rotstahl for heating system applications, is an instant international success.

  • The reusable (re-attacheable) Safety Swivel Break SSB 16 for direct nozzle attachment is introduced. A compact combination of swivel and safety break. The coupling can separate in axial and angular direction.

    Gründung der Gesellschaft ELAFLEX SNC France.

    In 1993, we sell 1.300.000 metres (1300 km) refuelling and chemical hoses. To demonstrate - this is the distance between Elaflex Hamburg and our daughter company Elaflex Italia in Brescia, Italy.

    TÜV Rheinland effects efficiency tests and certifies the proper function of ZVA GR and ZVA 200 GR vapour recovery with GRV 1 / COAX hose assemblies.

    After ZVA 200 GRV (1991), serial production of ZVA 200 GR with partially integrated GRV 2 On/Off - vapour valve begins. Ready for dry testing which is preferred compared to wet testing.

    The new DIN 2823 chemical hose standard, developed on basis of the VCI industry standard, is met by Elaflex. Conti 'Premium Quality' chemical, acid, sovent and universal hoses with further improved properties which partially are far exceeding standards requirements.

  • ISO 9001 certification for Elaflex Hamburg.

    Space saving square shaped flange for road tankers of weldable hot stamped aluminum, type TQFA.
    Aluminium sight glasses for road tankers SG 4" Al, TSG 4" Al.

    DIN 2825 standard for steam hoses. ContiTech and Elaflex participated in the formulation of high standards. Elaflex SD hoses for saturated steam hoses fulfil them since years. One example: the pressure test at 90 bar.

    Due to product liability reasons, the standard version of COAX henceforth is NR ( with non reattacheable hose couplings). Reusable type couplings for self-assembly continue to be available.

    ZVA 200 GRVP with proportional vapour regulation valve - partially integrated into the nozzle. This is a very cost-effective solution for dispenser manufacturers, as previously the regulation valve had to be built into the dispenser. The new nozzle type soon gets liked, especially for the retrofitting of older type dispensers to the vapour recovery system.

    ZVA 200 GRV 3, On/Off vapour valve - fully integrated into the nozzle. It opens and closes with gravity. Clearly more economical than previous version GRV 2.

    The Stage 1b vapour recovery (vapour balance) hose for road tankers GPL is equipped with electrical conductors to be able to transmit electronic signals for ASS/QSS systems without any disturbance.

    Foundation of the company Mann Teknik AB (MannTek) in Sweden, assuming production of Dry Disconnect Couplings.

    Safety Breakaway Couplings for railcars ARK 100 with BAM/TÜV approval.

  • Elaflex Hamburg administration office enlarged: a building with four levels is being annexed.

    UTD / UTS universal hoses with white lining of ultra high moliecular polyethylene UPE superseed the previous UTW type with PE-X lining. Improved swellling properties and strength of the material, better temperature resistance, suitability for foodstuffs and flexibility.
    Universal hoses with plastic or fluoropolymer liners (which should be attached with well adhesion to the rest of the hose construction) increasingly displace pure rubber constructions of chemical hoses as they are can be used more versatile, are easier to clean and will not influence sensitive media. Specialised rubber hoses still have their sense for many applications.

    Meanwhile, more than 100 people work for Elaflex Hamburg; not counted our daughter companies and Hiby nozzle production.

    TW couplings with isolation for ASS/QSS quality systems.

    ZVA 200 GRVP (with vapour proportional valve GVP) TÜV certified.

    GR accessories: reusable COAX Safety Break CSB 21,
    COAX elbow 30°, COAX adaptor (splitter) ZAF 2, now with integrated brass nut, and optionally in short length version.

    Easy rotating swivel for COAX hose assemblies; with spiral spring supported lip seal.

    TÜV certificates for GVP, in combination with vapour recovery pumps of various manufacturers.

    ERV-GS 'Yellow Steel' certified for use in ships engine rooms: flame test passed, without external flame protection cover FSH.

  • DRIP STOP spout with magnet valve, for ZVA Slimline - for a clean diesel refuelling at the forecourt.

    Slimline dispensing hoses SL-BIO for Biodiesel.

    UTD / UTS universal hoses - optional versions with black, electrically conductive UPE lining.

    UMAX connector for vapour recovery functionaly checks.

  • The company ELAFLEX is split into ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH with their sales divisions SAT -hoses and fittings- and ERV -Rubber Expansion Joints- and ELAFLEX Tankstellentechnik GmbH.

    MannTek DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings are now part of our product range. First uses for the connection between road tanker and trailer, or as quick change coupling between ZV 500 and ZVA 32 on reel hoses.

    Hiby ZVA Produktionsgesellschaft and Elaflex Tankstellentechnik ETT merge. The new mutual organisation leads to improvements in regards of effiency, flexible response to customer requirements, service and quality.

    Short colour sleeves ST 21 for COAX hose assemblies.

    ELAFLEX Tankstellentechnik is accepted as member of the PEI Petroleum Equipment Institute.

  • Easy rotating swivels EA 075 for ZVA nozzles Zapfventile serve for a better handling.

    Large extension of stainless steel TW coupling product range.

    NEON marking for aircraft refuelling hoses now possible on request. The colour bands can bee seen better in the dark conditions.

    ZVA 200 GRVP passes a TÜV endurance test with more than 500.000 cycles.

    75 year jubilee of Elaflex.

  • UTL universal lightweight tanker hose - an alternative to type UTS corrugated cover for improved flexibility - with light or black/electrically conductive lining.

    Various detail improvals for ZVA nozzles - amonb other: lever seal of polyurethane, nozzle guards of reinforced polyamide, new type safety cut-out ball valve.

    EN 13617:1999 standard for Safety Breaks. All our Safety Breaks are conform and are marked with this standard.

  • PAGUAG brand and distribution rights for refuelling and chemical hoses (PAL) are transferred from ContiTech to Elaflex.

    The first website of Elaflex Hamburg is online.

    UTL universal hoses are now available with white lining and a patented, spiralised inner OHM conductive stripe. An optimal compromise between the previous white (non conductive) and black (electrically conductive) version.

    Spannloc and Spannfix clamps now available in nickel plated Ni version. Among other, suitable for chemicals, road salt vehicles, and for road tankers where the hose ends are exposed to road salt in the winter (danger of corrosion).

    NEON marking for Yellow Band aircraft refuelling hoses from DN 50 as sStandard.

    ELAFLEX Representation Office Asia Pacific founded.

  • New universal hose Polypal Clean, a "OHM" hose with outer conductive spiral stripe. Lining white UPE with conductive spiral stripe. Suitable for clean environments, clean media, with full safety for flammable media.

    Elaflon Plus FEP - new universal hose for all commonly used media - transparent (non el. conductive) the lining, seamingly extruded, good flexibility. Grey cover with conductive spiral up to DN 50, larger dimensions with black cover.

    Our universal hoses UTD und UTS also receive the combined new lining - white with patented OHM conductive stripe.

    PSB 16 Pump Safety Break, for High Hose Dispensers.

    Stainless steel male hose tails with enlarged wrench surfaces. Easier attachment (assembling) of couplings. At the same time, the surface quality is improved.

  • Acquisition of Gossler Fluidtec brand and distribution rights for refuelling equipment:
    Bronze corrugated pipes BW / KW, swivels DG, heating oil nozzles ZH, compressor hoses KS.

    The Elaflex Representation Office China in Shanghai is opened.

    Distribution start of FWS composite hoses.

    Vapour spout 92 of stainless steel for ZVA 200 GR.

    ZVA workshop posters for repair workshops.

    The European Pressure Equipment Directive is effective. Elaflex hose assemblies and expansion joints are supplied conform to the new directive.

  • Blue Band solvent hoses with new, antistatic lining - can now be steamed out and is suitable for water based colours and varnishes.

    AMKI 100 Al with opening rod: 4" camlock female coupler for vapour recovery at the gantry side, for the filling of road tankers.

    All stainless steel couplings now can by supplied with Teflon PFA coating (red colour). Part number annex SSE.

    The highly flexible and plasticiser free L.P. Gas dispensing hose LPG 16 is soon accepted by the industry as the leading standard for this application.

    Colour Sleeves CS 16 of polyurethane, for use with our anti-kinking-sleeve KS.
    For DN 21 the already existing ST 21 K of polyurethane is renamed to CS 21.

    Nozzle guards now also available with optional magnet for Reed switches.

    Pressure controlled safety shut-off DSA for ZVA 200 GR.

    ERV approval by Lloyd's Register; ERV stainless steel flanges now up to DN 300 ex stock.

    Elaflex and PAL hoses: new, completely updated chemical resistance charts - as hardcopy or interactive version on our website.

  • Lilac Band chemical hoses with improved flexibility due to modified lining.

    ARK 19 Mod.2: LPG safety break (hose break), can be reassembled on site after separation without tools.

    Foundation of Elaflex SARL as new daughter company in France.

    MK couplings with bent lever - used to correct and safe lever arresting in narrow assembly spaces, and for the use with large adapters.

    ZVA AdBlue for misfuelling-proof urea solution in combination with our Elafix 40 magnet adapter. AdBlue is used within modern truck engines to fulfill new Euro emission standards.

    Hiby: 'synchronous produktion', manufacturing only based on orders, without traditional stockkeeping.

  • Low priced brass TW-Kupplungen from the Far East unsettle the market: cast or only superficially stamped quality (not: hot stamped with a large forge), partially wrong standard markings and mostly without comprehensible manufacturer marking (hence no product liability by manufacturer). Elaflex campaigns for tradional hot stamped quality to DIN standard without compromises.

    LBD/LBS White Band foodstuff hoses now with blue cover.

    FWS composite hoses from Elaflex NV (Belgium) are assumed in our product range.

    Further extension of stock surface in Hamburg/Schnackenburgallee by 1800 m2.

    Non reattacheable NR ferrule couplings now also available in DN 16/19, as an option.

    ZVA Drip Stop spout with stainless steel cap for improved longevity.

    Polypal Clean with light grey, antistantic cover - no external conductive stripe, nonetheless full electrical OHM conductivity.

  • MK-A...SS and TWM-A...SS : TW coupler of stainless steel with Active Safeguard Lever in DN 80 und 100.

    ZVA 25 GR, special type of our automatic HiFlo nozzle for active vapour recovery, use for solvents.

    ERV size DN 1000 - ERV White Band in improved version, ERV-GS approved to M.E.D. Marine Equipment Directive, ERV-VITEX with FPM liner.

    ZVA Slimline 2 / ZVA Slimline 2 GR . First nozzles are delivered to the market. The production runs paralelly to ZVA Slimline / ZVA 200 GR.

    FLUORLINE universal dispensing hoses DN 16 + 21. No diffusion, no leaching, large chemical resistance range.

    All hose assemblies are now being marked with stickers, containing individual data and batch number.

  • Break Sleeves BS of polyurethane superseed type BT break sleeves of soft PVC: better resistance against fuel, weathering and low temperature operation conditions.

    Improved COAX NR hose couplings (among other, easy rotating swivel).

    ZVA 25 AF, aircraft refuelling nozzle to JIG rules - free of non-ferrous metals.

    Karlheinz Ehlers dies in November 2007. The company remains in family hands.

  • The new version of ADR (European Agreement on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) prescribes a 'third blocking device with pressure release befor opening' for road tankers. Elaflex offers the suitable new dust plug VB 80 ADR SS with pressure release. The plug can only be removed after a safe pressure release.

    FLUORFLEX 2 PTFE universal hose with helically wound liner. So far, the most flexible PTFE hose from Elaflex.

    International sales exceed 2 million metres (2.000 km) refuelling and chemical hoses.

    Slimline dispensing hoses are now manufactured in the environmentally friendly TPE-coating procedure for the vulcanisation. Coloured Contitan "C" hoses are also substituted by the higher quality Slimline manufacturing process.

    LTX lightweight road tanker hose: high flowrate, highly flexible - the new quality hose for gravity discharge to underrground storage tanks of petrol stations.

    MK 100 - improved construction.

  • The production of ZVA Slimline and ZVA 200 GR is stopped in favour of the new ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR. Features of the new nozzle types: clearly less effort to hold open the lever, fully integrated diesel drip catcher, pressure controlled safety shut-off, easier dosing of very small amounts, fully integrated vapour valves, fast drainoff, comfort lever, improved shut-off properties also with foaming and vapourising fuel types, highly efficient dampening of pressure peaks, easy to understand part number system. In our view, perfect nozzles which remain to be leading edge also in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.

    The L.P. Gas nozzle ZVG 2 ACME superseedes ZVG 1.

    Anti-Kinking-System KSS to protect medium and large bore hoses against kinking near the hose end section.

    The catalogue section 4 for ERV Rubber Expansion Joints is published in a completely updated version.

    The magnet adapter ELAFIX 40 ANTI-SIPHON for AdBlue filler pipes of trucks (commercial vehicles) is available. It comprises an anti-theft device.

    SSB 16 SS, Safety Break of stainless steel for ZVA Slimline AdBlue.

    Opening of the Representation Office Latin America in Argentina.

  • The companies ELAFLEX Tankstellentechnik (Hamburg) and HIBY (Plettenberg) finalise their merging remaining business segments under the new company name ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH (EHT).

    Acquisition of a majority stake in the Australian company L.G. Equipment, renowned manufacturer of LPG nozzles, 'GasGuard' brand.

    Partial acquisition of the company Reiflexa, Hamburg (Rubber Expansion Joints, special compensators - among other specialists for Navy components).

    LeverAssist for ZVA Slimline 2 / ZVA Slimline 2 GR for improved nozzle handling. The lever can be held open without effort. This option is used in countries where the use of hold-open latches is not allowed.

    ZVG 2 DISH (with claw coupling) and ZVG 2 EURO (with new superior EN standard coupling) available.

    Storz safety coupling SHK.

    EK 145 Product Badges in Direct Print process: available from 50 pieces, full colour print (also photos), short lead time.

    The Representative Office Latin America is converted into the daughter company ELAFLEX Latin America SA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Elaflex Hiby Plettenberg: the production surface is further enlarged.

  • Presentation of ZVF 50 aircraft refuelling nozzle at the InterAirport Munich. We ask our customers regarding design and requested features for the designated ZVF 40 successor.

    Elaflex explains the consequences from the new chemical hose standard EN 12115:2011: for flammable media in Ex-Zones, hose assemblies must not only be electrically conductive between both hoth ends, but now also from outside to inside - the new OHM/T - quality. Most Elaflex refuelling hoses fall in this premium category.

    ZVA 25 optionally with wear-resistant stainless steel tip at the spout.

    Besides DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings, Elaflex also distributes MannTek DAC (Dry Aviation Couplings) and DGC (Dry Gas Couplings, for L.P. Gas).

    TW coupling system dust plugs DN 100 to new ADR rules: VB 100 ADR Al.

    Since end of 2011 ERV Rubber Expansion Joints are also available in DN 450 mm, lengths either 200 and 250 mm. Meanwhile we offer 42 different sizes for ERV.

    More than 200 product application pictures are sent in by customers for the participation in the Elaflex photo contest.

  • Introduction of ELAPHARM pharma hose assemblies, which show a good combination of kinking resistance and flexibility, fulfill highest purity requirements and are fully compliant the new pharma hose standard DIN 26055-3. Available either with black conductive or white PTFE, both being FDA/USP IV. Readers of the magazine CAV vote this hose as TopProduct 2012.

    On request, our standard chemical, universal and foodstuff hoses can be crimped with reduced dead spaces for improved cleanliness.

    A new generation of sight glasses for dispensers and nozzles, to EN 13617-1: SG 1" Al, SG-COAX. The sightglasses are compact, lightweight and highly break resistant. They serve to see the transferred fuel.

    MK-A 50 SS ergänzt die Serie "TW-Mutterkupplungen mit aktiver Hebelsicherung".

    Stainless steel spring spiral as anti-kinking protection for SD (saturated steam) and HB (hot bitumen) hoses.

    First edition of our Chemical & Pharma brochure.

    The interactive Nozzle Configurator does contain all our nozzle types now. There are about 20 nozzle types, but millions of possible combinations. This online tool helps the user to choose the required nozzle type with all its possible options, step by step.

    Introduction of the storage location management system and Pick by Voice to improve logistics in our Hamburg premises.

    SSB 16, SSB 25 and CSB now also available in non-reusable 'NR' version, on request.

    MK-A 50 SS TW coupler of stainless steel with Active Safeguard Lever.

  • Interactive ERV configurator, for alle our Rubber Expansion Joint types. Out of more than 100 million possible configuration possibilities, his online tool helps to find the required type, size, execution, flanges and accessories. Step by stepp, with many additional information, the compensator builds up with a picture in true-to-reality pictures, the correct combined part number ist shown.

    Elaflex joins the IATA “Fuel Technical Group”.

    Pump Safety Break PSB 16 (for the direct attachment to High Hose dispensers) now available in 10 different connection thread options.

    Updated MannTek broschures DDC and Safety Breakaway Couplings SBC.

    New MannTek DCC (Dry Cryogenic Couplings) and CBC (Cryogenic Break-Away Couplings) for cryogenic liquefied gases, such as LNG.

    We expand our standard product range for many products - e.g. LPG-hoses now also available in DN 150 and DN 200.

    ELAPHARM pharma hoses now are in serial production, after good results with multiple field test installations.

    Elaflex France SARL move to new, larger premises in Tremblay, near Paris.

    Elaflex Hamburg enlarges its company building by annexing space for the workshop and a 'Technikum' for our engineers to execute product testing.

    Elaflex Brazil is founded by Elaflex Latin America.
    Elaflex Latin America now is member of the ABIEPS Association.

    Nozzle production facilities in Plettenberg: "Hiby 100 years" jubilee.

    The marking of Slimline dispensing hoses is improved -  better readability.

  • 'E 14' Spare Parts Price List with many current information details for a professional nozzle repair.

    Enhanced LT ( Low Temperature ) versions of ZVA nozzles and accessories, Information 4.14 E.

    Unified Valve Assembly for ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR, Information 5.14 E.

    Improved DRIP STOP spouts from April 2014.

    Integrated Sight Glasses with Safety Breaks. SG-PSB, SG-SSB, SG-CSB : lightweight & compact.

    Enhanced version of swivels DG and DS, longer service life.

    Lightweight aluminium hose tails 3" and 4" for LTX gravity discharge road tanker hoses.

    Polypal CR in DN 50, 75 + 100, special version with petroleum resistant Chloroprene cover.

    UTL 38, the new hose for AdBlue road tankers.

    ZVA AdBlue LV ( Light Vehicle ) for AdBlue refuelling of Diesel cars and other light vehicles, Information 1.14 E.

    Slimline 16 AdBlue dispenser hoses, blue cover - especially made for AdBlue / DEF.

    LPG 16 dispenser hoses with orange cover.

    Nozzle Boots NB-ZVG and NB-GG for dispensers, suitable for our L.P. Gas nozzle range.

    New options for GasGuard GG nozzles: with magnet for Reed switch; Splashguard.

    ERV-BR, rubber expansion joint of Butadiene Rubber with exceptional abrasion resistance.

    Elaflex website relaunch: reach your goal quicker, more content, adoption to all screen formats.

    BadgeSelector: online tool to find your required product badges EK 145.

    Hose Assembly configurator: online tool to select the required combination of hose and coupling, step by step.

  • Extended product range for 'FWS' composite hoses.

    Tar Spraying and Bitumen Hose 'HB-ST': Pressure hose for road construction machines, especially for hot bitumen.

    To reflect the partnering of L.G. EQUIPMENT PTY LTD (Australia), the company name is changed to ELAFLEX PACIFIC PTY LTD. The core business includes the production of GasGuard nozzles as well as the distribution of the Elaflex product range.

    Elaflex daughter and sister companies: Relaunch of their websites.
    Online Configurators have continuously extended for hose assemblies, e.g. ELAPHARM, FWS and PAL hoses as well as expansion joints.

    Optimised shape of stainless steel hose tails up to DN 75 for enhanced operational safety and temperatures up to 150° C.

    Expansion Joint ERV-BR, new special type for abrasive media.

    Improved technical documentation: Catalogue pages for 'PAL' hose types.

    Newgeneration of 'DG' swivels to protect hoses against torsion – easy rotating and durable.

    New 'TD' thread seals made of reinforced PTFE, showing significantly improved cold flow behaviour.

    New ELAPHARM® hose type EPH-OHM G with light-grey cover.

    Hoses up to DN 100 now available with crimped hose coupling.

    New brochurefor 'ERV' Rubber Expansion Joints.

    From production date July 2015, 'ZVA Slimline 2 nozzle bodies' and corresponding spouts are supplied with a modified shape. New: Bead to reinforce the integrated Diesel Drip Catcher. due to changed notch position Optimised fixation for larger filler necks during refuelling. The modification is fully backwards compatible.

    Start of serial productions of 'ZVF 50' overwing nozzle: all options such as sight glasses and Push-Twist-Lock spout connection (PTL).

    Nozzle boot 'NB-ZVF 50' for overwing nozzle ZVF 50, suitable for installation on board of aircraft refuellers.

    Introducing of the new dispenser hose Slimline 'SL SF' where all components including lining and cover are free of sulphur.

  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Dantec Ltd., UK, renown manufacturer of premium composite hoses.

    Start of serial production of 'ZVA AdBlue LV' nozzles for urea solution of light vehicles.

    Petrol pump hose 'Slimline 16 Adblue' for urea solution, black or blue colored.

    POLYPAL CLEAN: new cover with OHM conductive stripe for further improved durable electrical conductivity – both between the hose ends and from lining to cover (EN12115 OHM/T).

    'LPG 16 S' petrol pump hose include a further reduction of the permeation rate and extremely low leaching properties, in black or orange colour.

    Launch of Online Configurator for the MannTek product range.

    New lever assembly 'EA 030.1' and hold-open latch 'EF 033.1' for ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR nozzles.

    New brochure GasGuard: Handling the Pressure' for GasGuard nozzles.

    'DCC' Dry Cryogenic Couplings for LNG media down to -196° C: a success story which ahve proven their worth with more than 10.000 successful LNG transfers – in daily routine.

    Introduction of Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings 'CBC-PERC' with remote controlled release.

    Introduction of fuel grade identification 'FGI' to EN 16942:2016 for all ZVA nozzles.

    New lightweight gravity discharge road tanker hose 'LG' in sizes 3'' and 4''.

    Cam Locking Couplings ('Camlock') to EN 14420-7 from our own production, all size made of stainless steel available.

    New adapter KR 50 - 2½" with 60° alu elbow for filling of heating oil tanks.

    Extension of the MannTek product range by dust caps 'DDC-K Al ADR' in 2½" and 3" with pressure release and 'DDC-K' in blue.

    New sight glass SG 1½" Al for ZVA 32 nozzles, e.g. for aircraft refuelling.

    ELAFLON PTFE hose now also available ex stock in DN 63 and 100.

    New light-weight collapsible fuelling hose 'FHD 50' and 'FHD 50 LT' (for low temperatures), e.g. suitable for HIFR (Helicopter Inflight Refuelling) and mobile military refuelling operation.
    ZVA Tool Kit: Complete set for a fast retrofitting, repair and maintenance of nozzles.

    Nozzle Configurator with increased speed and greatly improved usability, new 'Selection Guide' on the startpage.

    New available special expansion joint ERV-D, DN 200 - 4200, single or multi-sphere bellows.

    New IBC connectors: Female reducer RS S60 x 2" SS and female hose coupling MC 38-S60 SS or MX 38-S60 SS.

  • New Management of daughter company Elaflex Belgium.

    New 'Selection Guide' on the startpage of the Hose Configurator provides a filtering by category or direct searching of the medium to check for compatible hoses.

    Acquisition of a majority stake in Oasis Engineering Ltd.: renown CNG component manufacturer from New Zealand.

    Development of new scuffguard 'EA 866' with integrated fuel grade identification for ZVG 2 LPG nozzles.

    Foundation of daughter company ELAFLEX Yakıt İletim Ürünleri Ltd. Şti. (Turkey) and opening of the office in Istanbul.

    Dry Evotek Couplings 'DEC' are specially made for use in the chemical industry.

    (Inter Airport 2017):
    - Aircraft refuelling hoses with improved, reflecting NEON marking.
    - Design change of 'FFBV' Full Flow Ball Valves from MannTek: new flexible handle design, a state of the art dynamic sealing system and reduce maneuver force by 50%, independent of the operating temperature.

    ZVA 25 nozzle delivered with stainless steel spout tip 'ER 381.1' as standard.

    ZVA Slimline 2 TLP with three latch positions for operation ins South and Central America, e.g. Mexico.

    Warehouse capacity expanded: New high bay storages for an efficient goods movement including new loading ramps.

    APEA Milestone Award to ELAFLEX LTD for '30 years in the UK'.

  • Expansion of the Oasis sales structure to the whole Elaflex group.

    ElaSil® Silicone Hose Assemblies for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and cosmetics industries, assembled with crimped couplings available in sizes DN 13 to 102 mm.

    Enhancement of the Image Media Library.

    New CV300 series check valves for CNG has eliminated a common industry wide issue of the poppet chatter caused by turbulence.

    EASYLOC®: New Camlock female coupler with automatic lever lock from our own production, made of stainless steel. Easyloc protects against unwanted opening of the levers and disconnection during operation, e.g. due to excessive vibration, pulsation or accidental disengagement due to operator error. Sizes DN 13-50.

    'Elaflex goes smart' with the new Product ID App: For Android and iOS devices. By scanning the Data Matrix Codes users get access to technical information.

    Enhanced 'FHD' bunkering hose type by adding a yellow longitudinal stripe over the complete hose length. A twist of the hose can be recognized and adjusted in an early stage during operation.

    Spannloc 'SC 150' made of stainless steel for highest corrosion-resistance is new available.

    Lightweight gravity discharge road tanker hose 'LG' now in size 2'' deliverable. For application as a lightweight and very flexible vapour recovery (vapour balance) hose.

    (Uniti Expo 2018):
    - ZVA Slimline 2 HT for high temperatures, used in especially warm regions.
    - Improved latch EF 033.2 made of PEEK for ZVA Slimline 2.
    - New sight glass SG 1'' SS, DN 25, made of stainless steel, for ZVA AdBlue nozzles.
    - New 'ZVG 2 K' nozzle for the Japanese and Korean LPG market

    (Achema 2018):
    - PFA coated standard fittings for aggressive media. Many available ex stock.
    - Safety clamps with a marking area for customer-specific data, which can be added independently.
    - Safety pinned clamps 'SX 75 SS' and 'SX 50 SS' for the loading/unloading of chemicals, now also available in stainless steel.
    - Extension of Camlock product range: stainless steel version in DN 19-100 and optional in brass available.

    'FWS' composite hose assemblies with COPSAFE system for Cross-Over Prevention Systems (COP), use in European countries.

    PolyPal® Oil in size DN 100 for road tanker loading. Suitable for gasoline fuels where mixtures of aromatic or additive components can change.

    Introduction of new national career portal on elaflex.de showing all aspects of the working environment for entry-level staff and experienced professionals at Elaflex Hamburg and Plettenberg, Germany.

  • ElaSil® silicone hose assemblies now also available with fittings to DIN 11851 'free of dead spaces / flared' or crimping 'gap minimised'.

    'UPT 75' universal hose 'Economy' for chemical road tankers. Suitable for almost all liquid and pasty chemical and petroleum based products and solvents.

    UL certified hose assemblies for LPGas for use in the North American propane market. 'LPG UL' is supplied by ELAFLEX PACIFIC, Australia.

    Elaflex (SAT) has become a member in VCH - Verband Chemiehandel e.V., Germany.

    New swivel option for ZVA Slimline 2 nozzles: 'EA 075 ERS'.

    Acquisition in Aljac Fuelling Components Ltd. UK: a well-known specialist supplier of aviation refuelling systems and equipment.

    Elaflex group member MannTek has established an affiliated company in China (WFOE).

    (Inter Airport 2019):
    - Overwing refuelling nozzle ZVF 50 UL (green) for unleaded fuels.
    - Nozzle boot option NB-ZVF 50 SR with additional spout retainer for spout change.
    - ZVF 25 nozzle free of non-ferrous metals to JIG guidelines.
    - Hose reels and grounding reels from own production, e.g. for mobile refuelling equipment or as fixed installation at airports.
    - Hose trolleys for DN 100 refuelling hoses on dispensers.

    Double Closing Safety Breaks Type 'DC':  SSB 16 DC, SSB 25 DC and CSB 21 DC stop the fuel flow after seperation on both sides.

    Dry Hose Delivery Nozzles 'ZL': New ball valve construction is made of stainless steel / PTFE is suitable for universal applications in the Chemical and Petroleum Industry.

  • Pump Break 'SG-PSB 16' with Integrated Sight Glass for the direct assembling to 'high hose' dispensers.

    Special type 'ERS' of swivels and Safety Swivel Breaks for ZVA Slimline 2: suitable at filling points for gasoline fuels, where an improved rotatability is required compared to the standard version.

    New Configurator for CNG product range of our daughter company Oasis Engineering, New Zealand. Products are also suitable for other technical gases.

    Consolidation of ELAFLEX and HIBY with effectfrom 1 January 2020: After more than sixty years of successful cooperation, all business and production activities of the two affiliated companies ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH and ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH & Co. KG have been united under ELAFLEX HIBY GmbH & CO. KG.

    Hose Reels from our own production. Custom-made and supplied as complete package with Elaflex hoses, couplings or nozzles. Suitable for terminals and road tankers.

    E20 Spare Parts Overview for our nozzles and accessories. New available as digital service on the website.

    Extended Hose Fitting Range: Clamp Hose Couplings 'Tri Clamp' with Ferrules of stainless steel.

    CNG Check Valves CV300 with O-ring Face Seal 'ORFS'. They are designed to eliminate leaks in high pressure CNG systems and facilitate assembly.

    H2 Cover Hose (CH-H2 38). Suitable for a safe and user-friendly refuelling process of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

  • Compact information about our products and solutions for marine applications, see leaflet 'Marine Liquid & Gas Handling Equipment'

    Safety Breaks 'SG-SSB 16' and 'SG-CSB 21' with integrated Sight Glass for direct assembling on the nozzle. For the visual control of bubble-free dispensing and fuel colour.

    ZVA Slimline 2 spout ER 042.7 E with extended stainless steel cap has a much higher mechanical robustness. Suitable for an universal comfortable refuelling of motorbikes/motor scooters.

    Video: High Quality Performance Hoses from Elaflex that Last.

    MannTek dry couplings became new LPG standard in Africa. Change of the LPG transfer system from existing thread or flange connections to 'DGC' Dry Disconnect Couplings.

    (Inter Airport 2021)
    - 'BD' Hose Beads to EI 1522: easier hose handling. 'Click-Fix-Design' by 2 clamps only and highly break resistant.

    - 'VHD WearAdvice®': first hose with new coloured wear indicator as recommended by EI 1529. Available for DN 38, 50 and 63.

    - Hose Trolley range 'HTR' for a safe and easy handling of long hose assemblies. Type 'HTR-T' suitable for use at terminals. Type 'HTR-AF' suitable for refuelling hoses on dispenser vehicles at the airport.

    - 'ERV-G AF' expansion joints: confirm with the stringent material requirements of standards EN ISO 1825 /
    EI 1529. Suitable within pipes of aircraft refuellers / dispensers.

    - First edition of the brochure 'Aircraft Refuelling Equipment and Solutions'.

  • ZVA Slimline 2 GRV-FA ('Flow activated') nozzle with fully integrated 'ON / OFF' vapour valve.

    ZVA Slimline 2 GRV-WT nozzle with fully integrated 'ON / OFF' vapour valve.

    Air Traffic Trade AB (aircraft refuelling equipment) became part of the ELAFLEX Group.

    H2 Hydrogen Hose for low-pressure range. Connection hose for the transfer of 100% hydrogen.

    Elaflex LNG Refuelling System to use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) consisting of N-LNGnozzle, LNG 25fill line and SB-LNGsafety break. For venting of the tank VC-LNGvent coupling and LNG 13vent line.

    Supplement of the CNG Dispensing System with reusable SB-CNGsafety breaks for fill and vent line.

    ZVG 2 DME nozzle for LPG refuelling with DME mixture (made of renewable raw materials).

    New generation of Dry Disconnect Couplings in Design 2.0: DDC couplings from MannTek with improved usability and comfort.

    ERV-H2+ rubber expansion joints (low-pressure range) for the transfer up to 100% hydrogen as well as for 100% methane or other mixtures ('Hythane').

    New solution for LH2 truck refuelling of cryogenic hydrogen with N-LH2 nozzle and hose assembly.

    For applications with compressed H2 hydrogen: ball valves, check valves and quick couplers.

    Manually operated ZV SW nozzle for refuelling of screen water (windscreen washer fluid) from a dispenser.

    ERV expansion joints with additional black, conductive PTFE lining for the highest demands on hygiene and resistance to aggressive media with additionally highly electrostatic dissipation.

    Acquisition of company SGB GmbH, a German supplier and manufacturer of leak detection technology.

  • Foundation and Opening of the ELAFLEX US Office in the greater Los Angeles area.